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Benefits of Oral Examinations.

Examinations are done in institutions to gauge the understanding of the student. They help determine how much the student understood the topic. They also help determine whether a student will be promoted to the next level or grade. Examinations also help determine the skills of the teacher or lecturer in teaching. They also help the teacher or lecturer evaluate the hard topics and areas in order to consider reteaching of the same. It is also important to examine the students in order to gauge the student’s knowledge on a certain topic. There are different examination rules in each institution. The examination should have a specific examination center. This will help ensure that every student do their work and to avoid the issue of cheating in examinations. It is also important in creating a comfortable environment for both students and lecturers during the exam period. The examination administration board should consider setting examination dates at a suitable time. They should also ensure that the students pay their examination fees early in advance. The exams also help the institution to create statistics and see how far the institution is gone in providing the best knowledge and teaching skills. There is a different type of examinations. The main types are the written examinations and oral examinations.

The oral exam involves the lecture or the teacher giving questions to the students in an oral form and the student giving the response in the same way. It helps the student to express their concept about a certain topic in a detailed form. It also helps the student get to present themselves in an official and clean way.

The oral examinations are very important. The first benefit is the examination would take less time to prepare and administer as compared to the written examination. This is because the examiner only needs to write a simple write up or even create questions from their mind as they ask them to the student. It is important in that the oral paper will not require a special room to have it done. It will only require a simple room. The oral exam also plays a role in increasing the courage of the student, unlike the written exams. This is because they interact one on one with the lecturer. It will take little time for the examiner if the lecture has to examine a few students. A written exam will have the same question for each student. The written examination also improves the relationship between the lecturer and the student as they will interact and communicate directly. This paper also triggers the student to read more and widely to avoid the direct embarrassment from the lecturer. This also helps the student to think widely during the exam period. They are able to think aloud during the test. The lecturer can also help the student out in reasoning. The oral examination also covers small concepts as they create only fewer questions thus the student will be able to make the best responses. The oral examination will reflect a better view of the knowledge of the student.

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